why powder rooms will always have my heart

Powder Rooms have been among my favorite spaces ever since I was little. At dinner parties, my mom and I would whisper to one another “Go check out the bathroom!” when we spotted an exceptionally good one. Why such a fuss? Because Powder Rooms are like tiny design jewel boxes where people feel free to play and express their personality.

With their small size and occasional use, people feel free to take risks they wouldn’t normally take in other spaces in their home - go for the crazy wallpaper, paint the ceiling green, use the leopard towels. 

Whether a minimalist or collector, traditionalist or diehard modernist, the small scale coupled with the liberty people feel to make bolder design moves make Powder Rooms a true gem in the interior design world. 

relaxed home office

When a former co-worker turned client asked if we could work together to revamp her work from home situation I jumped at the chance. Working long days - sometimes 10-12 hours - she was ready to invest in a dedicated work space  that would be comfortable, functional, and beautiful. 

Her LA home already had a laid-back glam-meets-beach aesthetic, but she wanted a more sophisticated and relaxed look for her workspace. We decided to bring in natural elements through the room’s textiles, highlighting one of her favorite things about living in LA - the seamless connection between indoor and outdoor space. A traditional desk serves as a more formal workspace, while a lounge chair is a comfortable option for taking calls or attending virtual meetings.  As an avid collector of books she wanted ample display space for her tomes and accessories. We opted for slim and visually unobtrusive bookshelves to line the walls and keep necessary work items close at hand.

The end result is a workspace that reflects the laid-back aesthetic of her home while maintaining a visual simplicity that allows her to focus on the work at hand.

relaxed home office
hand-drawn home office floor plan

green with envy - bedrooms

So many of the interiors I see scrolling through Pinterest and design blogs feature pristine white walls in every room. It's a trend I happily embrace as a renter - who wants to invest time painting when you'll have to return it to standard white when you move out?  But there's something about color on the walls that can bring a room to life. 

While blue is often a go-to for bedrooms (it's thought be sleep inducing) moss green and pale sea foam feel soothing and rich all at once. I'd certainly be happy to curl up in any of the rooms below.

mid century design meets big box retail - project 62 by target

The design of the 1950s (dubbed "mid century modern") was distinctively playful, imaginative and innovative - characteristics which have rendered it a top design trend over the last 30 years. You can hardly open an interior design magazine or scroll through Pinterest without coming across iconic pieces from the era by designers like Eero Saarinen, Finn Juhl, and Ray & Charles Eames. 

While you can buy many of the classic mid century modern designs at stores like Design Within Reach, those certified originals often come with a hefty price tag. In an attempt to bring the mid century modern sensibility to the masses, Target recently launched Project 62 - a line with pieces inspired by the masters but with price tags that are a bit more accessible. 

The best pieces from the collection pay homage to classic mid century designs while maintaining a decidedly contemporary look. Take a peek at a few of the items that I love and just might wind up coming home with me this fall. 

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citrus florals

No matter the season or occasion, a bunch of fresh-cut blooms lends a celebratory atmosphere to any space. However, standard grocery store bouquets often feel tired while large arrangement from florists can feel ostentatious (not to mention unaffordable). While scrolling through Pinterest in search of more accessible options to brighten up our table top, I came this citrus infused bouquet: 

lemon branches in apothecary jar | elizamcnabb.com

The drama and unexpected nature of the arrangement stopped me in my tracks (aka pinterest scrolling...) Whether lemons act as floral stand-ins in large vases or kumquats sit interspersed between lush greens and a peony or two, citrus feels fresh, unexpected, and decidedly summery. As the last few weeks of the season approach, here are a few of my favorite images of citrus taking centerstage.

 kumquats and eucalyptus leaves via  brit.co

kumquats and eucalyptus leaves via brit.co

 monochrome citrus arrangement via  seesawdesigns

monochrome citrus arrangement via seesawdesigns

 magnolia garland via  designsponge

magnolia garland via designsponge

 rose and kumquat centerpiece via  grelikesweddings

rose and kumquat centerpiece via grelikesweddings

 milk glass, citrus, and succulents via  theknot.com

milk glass, citrus, and succulents via theknot.com

 kumquat florals via  loverly

kumquat florals via loverly