If you're anything like me, you like to have lots of space to spread out when you work. That means that the frames and other adorable accessories that normally find their home on the corner of your desk get pushed aside every time you sit down. I was tired of the back and forth, so I looked for a solution that would keep all the tools I need and accessories I love in reach while leaving my desk clean. Enter the pegboard.

This oh-so-utilitarian material can be found at your local hardware store (I got mine at Home Depot) and runs pretty cheap. If the pictures above aren't enough to convince you that pegboards can be much more than storage for tools in the basement, think of them as gallery walls without the commitment. A pegboard can adapt to your needs and your changing aesthetic without the hassle of drilling and spackling walls. You can take a more functional and utilitarian approach or use your pegboard for purely decorative purposes. Best of all - do both!  While you're dreaming up your designs, take a look at some of the best pegboard accessories out there to customize your space.

  1. Clear Acrylic Shelf (Amazon) - $15
  2. Zinc Letters (Anthropologie) - $18
  3. Clipboard (Sparco) - $1
  4. Blomus Long Shelf (Amazon) - $20
  5. Cup Display (Amazon) - $12.39 each
  6. Wire Basket Set (Amazon) - $10.99