Cozy Living Room

One of my favorite things about November is getting to spend time at home with my family and friends. Just yesterday, while I was home for the holidays in Philly, we had the first snow storm of the season.

Watching the snow fall while curled up with a cup of tea and a good book made my parents' house feel even cozier than it normally does and got me day dreaming about living rooms full of comfy couches and soft blankets.  

Combing through magazines and blogs I find myself falling in love with living rooms styled for the winter months, but so often these rooms look stuck in December - it's hard to imagine how to translate the same set-up into spring or summer. So, here's my take on a cozy living room that invites you to snuggle-up all winter long but, with just the change of a throw blanket, will feel light and airy come spring-time.