Coffee Table books 101

I've always loved coffee table books. Ever since I was little, my favorite Christmas presents were always books from the most recent fashion exhibit I'd been to with my mom. Whether stacked on a table or displayed on a shelf, I love adding coffee table books to a room because they represent your personal style while adding a pop of color and sophistication to your space.

Unfortunately, these tomes don't always come cheap. I regularly find myself looking through the glossy pages of a coffee table book only to find it's way out of my price range. If you're on the hunt for a book for your space, check out my picks below, all of which are affordable at under $50. 

Vanity Fair 100 Years-$44.95  |  Domino - $18 |  Design Sponge at Home - $27  |  Elements of Style - $23 |  Humans of New York - $ 29  | Book of Palms - $15 |  W Stories - $48 |  Alexander McQueen - $34 |  Halston & Warhol - $50

In need of some design inspiration? Here are some of my favorite ways to style a space with coffee table books.