Leap of Faith - Makin' Moves

A few weeks ago I shared plans for my new room here in D.C. Today I'm unveiling the new layout and a few items that will be making an appearance!



When I moved in, the room had a lovely white couch, dresser, and two large wicker side tables. While having a couch would be nice, this room had to serve many purposes (office, bedroom, closet) and the couch was taking up too much room. Once I got rid of it I moved the dresser to the side wall to make room for clothing storage (aka a shelf and basic hanging rack.  The side tables were bulky and not really my style so I gave those to a friend (who loved them!) and opted for one side table since two would have made it difficult to fit in a desk. I positioned the desk under the window because I love being able to look outside while I'm working. Plus, the desk is low enough that it doesn't block any natural light.


There are a few items from Chicago that made the cut when I moved to DC because I not only love them but they have a classic and timeless appeal.

  1. Mark Rothko Print - I find Rothko's work to be incredibly soothing so when my stepfather gave me this print for Christmas a few years ago I was over the moon. It hung in my living room in Chicago but, with the high ceilings in my new place, it's going to make an appearance in my bedroom this time around.
  2. Stockholm Pillow - These ikea pillows are so affordable it's not even funny and I see them pop up on my favorite design blogs all the time. I couldn't resist snagging a couple on the inevitable post-move Ikea trip.
  3. Tjena Box - Given the storage challenge this room presents, I'm going to need as many boxes and baskets as I can find. I like this option from Ikea because it can hide all manner of sins with it's lid and it's definitely the right price. I'll probably use 3 or 4!
  4. Louis Ghost Chair - I have always loved this chair and so I was delighted when my mom gifted it to me a few holiday seasons ago (can you tell my family knows I love interior design?). Design Within Reach still makes the original but, with a steep price, it still feels a little out of reach to me. If that's the case for you too, check out this affordable and well-done knock off.